Living in Beaufort is great, and saving on your electricity bill is even better.  While you are out and about in downtown Beaufort or enjoying the beaches on Harbor Island, here are a few tips to save some electricity while you are away from home.


1.  Close your curtains when you are not at home.  Having the curtains open can raise the temperature in your home, causing your air conditioner to run often. 

2.  With that being said, turn your thermostat up while you are away.  It is more energy efficient if you turn it up when you are gone, and drop it back down when you get home, especially if you are gone all day!

3.  Replace your light bulbs around your home to energy saving bulbs.  They may be more expensive than the standard, but in the long run not only does it save money, but they last longer too!

4.  Utilize your microwave more, and your oven less.  Why waste electricity heating your oven for one baked potato?  Use your microwave to cook it.  Not only is it quicker, but you do not heat up your home (especially during the summer) just for something you can do in the microwave!

5.  Did you know that some appliances still drain electricity even though they are "off"?  Little adjustments like unplugging your coffee maker when you leave home, or unplugging your cell phone chargers or laptop chargers when you are done charging your phone or laptops can really add up. 

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